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Here is a list of frequently asked questions. This page shows the most frequently asked questions about our service.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my vehicle?

Our company used to have problems with certain customers. These customers rejected the vehicle for no reason after it arrived at their address. In this case, the seller loses money (transportation costs, tax payments). To ensure seller and buyer, our company has developed as a solution- Buyer Protection Program. We act as intermediaries of the transaction, providing both sides with support and complete security. The money will remain in our account until you have received and tested the vehicle. The money will be transferred to the seller only after the trial period and if the buyer accepts the car. The buyer has the option to cancel the transaction at any time during the trial period and to take back his money. If the buyer refuses the car after the trial period, the car will be returned at the expense of the seller. The transport costs and other costs of the transaction have been fully paid by the seller. The transport lasts for a total of 2-3 days. The buyer has 5 days to test the car and to check the vehicle documents.

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Who is Autobytel AG Group?

Autobytel AG Group is not a car dealer in the traditional sense, but an online shop for used cars in which only the best vehicles on the platform. Buy your dream car with us easily, quickly and easily from home. All our vehicles are put through their paces on the basis of a strict checklist by neutral assessors. Safer you can not buy your "new" car. You benefit from our comprehensive service with maximum security, transparency and quality.

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What is part of the service offered by Autobytel Group?

• Only quality tested used cars
• Secure payment
• Delivery right outside the front door
• 30 days return policy
• One year warranty and new MOT

Frequently Asked Questions III

Do all your vehicles have a warranty or are they subject to separate costs?

All our vehicles come with a one-year "All Safe" used car warranty, which is included in the purchase price. This warranty covers all key parts of the vehicle so you are on the safe side. You can also extend this warranty for another year at an additional cost.With our promotional products, which also include daily allowances, the warranty is advertised on the action pages. This is still mostly the manufacturer's new car warranty, which is 2 years from first registration. In some cases, however, the warranty goes beyond these two years.

The warranty for Autobytel AG Group is at least one year, but may be longer depending on the vehicle.

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