Of course you are also in the online purchase of a car under the full protection of the law for withdrawal within 30 days.


Independent experts, however, check every function of the vehicle and also convince themselves of the overall impression. In addition, the experts drive the vehicle sample and can tell with your own experience, if really everything works perfectly.

Exterior, interior, undercarriage, under hood, test drive

Only when everything is fully functional and in the best condition, the used car lands on our platform, so you can be sure that the used car is in the best condition.

30 days exchange or return policy

Of course you are also in the online purchase of a car under the full protection of the law for withdrawal within 30 days. 100% satisfied or money back! You have the option to return your vehicle within 30 days. Of course you can also exchange it for one of our other offers.

If you make use of the right of withdrawal, you will receive your purchase amount less any impairment and vehicle transport back.
  • 30 days exchange or return policy
  • One year warranty and new TÜV
  • Only certified used cars
  • Meaningful standardization of logistics processes
  • Vehicle report - PDF
  • Complete documentation

Detailed review in 100 points

Each vehicle we offer has undergone a refining process to ensure the same high quality. The goal is to offer each vehicle in a state as close to new as possible, of course, in terms of age and mileage.

So you have no risk

Since we are absolutely convinced of our products and their quality, we deliver the vehicles all with a 30-day warranty. So you have no risk. Autobytel AG Group Logistics and its inspectors reserve the right not to participate in the test drive in the event that the inspector considers the road and / or weather conditions as dangerous for the test driving conditions. The inspector makes the final decision.

Autobytel AG Group Logistics

Thus, Autobytel AG Group accepts only those vehicles that meet at least the following standards:

  • not older than 15 years + max. 230,000 kilometers
  • properly maintained by the previous owner
  • no mechanical repairs needed
  • no damage to be repaired
  • valid TÜV for at least 1 year

Full and in-depth review ; We provide the buyer the results of the inspection and provide warranty on all cars passing our inspection


  • Scratches, pits, "Spider-Webs", and cracks on WinDS (Direct Spedition) Windows and / or Windows
  • Scratches, dents and bumps on boards
    Back bodywork, back paint
  • Body alignment, tire condition and tread depth


  • Upholstery and carpet condition including tear stains, burns and excessive wear
  • Functionality of electrical components such as radio, electric windows, sunroof, central locking, interior light, headlights, taillights, etc.
  • Dashboard features- voltage meter, check engine light, ABS light,Evidence of smoke or pungent odors,Testing HVAC systems (Air Conditioning and Heating)
  • Vehicle Identification Number Verification,Fluid leaks,Hood Alignment and Strut Functionality,Battery Corrosion and Lockdown,Motor oil level & condition
    Power Steering level,Brake Fluid level,Unusual engine or transmission noise,Hoses and belts condition,Previous collision damage in the radiator core support area

Under hood

  • fluid leaks
  • Hood Strut alignment and functionality
  • Battery corrosion and still image pickup, engine oil level & condition, power steering level, brake fluid level, unusual engine or transmission noise
  • Hoses and belt condition, back accident damage in the radiator support area

Under Auto

  • Frame rail inspection
  • Transmission/ Clutch,Vehicle Acceleration,Steering and Handling,Brakes,Abnormal Engine Noise,Odometer Functionality,Excessive Exhaust Smoke
  • Inspection of rust corrosion
  • Visible condition of the oil pan, gearbox compartment
  • Undercarriage repair Back the proof of the clamping marks

Test Drive

Autobytel AG Group Logistics suggests an optional test drive as part of the inspection process. Through the test drives of the vehicle, the inspector to gain valuable information about the vehicle.

The test drive confirms the following components and / or questions:

  • Gearbox / clutch
  • vehicle acceleration
  • Steering and braking handling, Abnormal engine noise
  • Odometer functionality, Excessive smoke extraction