No need to enter any lengthy card numbers, no need to create an account, no need for anyone to store your details.Just use your own online banking details to make a purchase. With an immediate transaction confirmation your order will be processed immediately.Convenient and secure!

Using your own secure online banking details means there is no need to share any personal information or card details with the merchant. The entry of your online banking details occurs entirely in the secure payment form of Sofort GmbH, where the merchant has no access. There is no need to store any sensitive details (such as confidential login details and confirmation code) and they are never visible to the merchant or any other third party, including Klarna as well as employees of Sofort GmbH. This highest level of security is acknowledged by the TÜV seal “Approved Data Protection” and “Approved Payment System“ certificate awarded TÜV Saarland.

Our motto: "The safety of our customers is always our top priority"

Klarna sofort Complete protection for buyer

Who, or what, is Sofort GmbH?

Sofort GmbH is a payment service provider, which in 2014 was acquired by Klarna and the Klarna Group was established. Sofort (also known as Pay now) is a popular service offered by Sofort GmbH which allows you to make a fast and easy payment of your online purchases using your online banking details. The online merchant immediately receives a real-time confirmation of the transfer order and can dispatch the goods promptly or allow the download.

Are my purchases covered by Klarna's Buyer's Protection?

Yes. Klarna’s Buyer Protection covers all online purchases that you make as a consumer when you use Klarna and it is explicitly mentioned on the merchant’s payment methods selection page in its online shop. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your purchase, Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy (“Policy”) ensures that you don’t have to pay – or get your money back. The aim of Klarna’s Policy is to let you feel at ease when you shop in one of its partner e-stores. If your goods are not delivered or if there is something wrong with them, Klarna will help you resolve the issue. When you pay with Klarna, you can also trust that Klarna process your personal data at the highest security level (read more in the section “Data Protection”).

Does Klarna GmbH have access to my account or sensitive information?

NO! In order to carry out the transaction,Klarna  Sofort GmbH necessarily requires one-time access to your account. In this respect, Klarna GmbH functions as a technical service provider that transmits to your bank the information you put into the secure payment form via an encrypted connection.

The Pay now system is a multi-banking software tool, used to operate your online banking.

is klarna The leading online payment trust brand in Europe?

YES! In our ever-digitising world, trust is becoming more and more important. All stakeholders operating in a networked world need to be able to rely on their privacy and security being guaranteed. eTrusted offers all the tools and services they need to ensure and boost trust in the digital transformation. For the Trusted Shops founders, who were simply enthusiastic about the many online shops that had started cropping up, one thing was clear: Europe needed a trust brand that could guarantee consumers a safe shopping experience and step in to protect them from financial losses.

klarna sofort buyer protection account

The electronic transfer to Klarna Sofort Account  is considered the safest international payment method. The transfer details are transmitted via encrypted communication channels.Due to the associated time savings, we recommend the online transfer. Payment in online transfer is the most efficient payment method. With the online transfer you save time. This is the safest payment method in the world. The money reaches the destination within a maximum of 10 hours. This means that the goods arrive faster.When transferring money on the Internet, the buyer pays less fees compared to the direct transfer. In short with an online transfer via the Internet, you save money, time and benefit from more security.