Information about secure payment

PaySafe and and Buyer Protection Account is a specially designed and open bank account that is opened in collaboration with the most prestigious banks under the approval and strict supervision of a legal team of lawyers and notaries. This type of bank account is insured and secured by the largest insurance companies in Europe. In this way, the chances of something happening to our customers' money are zero.

In addition, our company has its own insurance account worth 14 million euros. In all the years of our existence as a company, the losses of our customers were therefore zero.

Online Transfer - From € 2,000 - € 50,000

Due to the associated time savings, we recommend the online transfer. Payment in online transfer is the most efficient payment method. With the online transfer you save time. This is the safest payment method in the world. The electronic transfer is considered the safest international payment method. The transfer data is transmitted via encrypted communication channels.

bitcoin - From 3,000 € - 9,000 €

Bitcoin can be used to purchase goods and services as well as conduct financial market transactions. Bitcoin fulfills the same functions as conventional currencies, the euro or the US dollar. If you are just getting to know Bitcoin, you need to know a few things. With Bitcoin you can exchange and transfer money in a different way than you are used to. Therefore, you need to take time to get informed before using Bitcoin for important transactions.

paypal - 600 € -2,200 €

PayPal is a financial services provider that allows you to transfer money and pay online for free. Comparable to a digital wallet, you can pay online with your Paypal account. This is especially useful if an order is not accepted on account. Simply put, Paypal is thus an online virtual wallet that you can only use on the net as opposed to the "real" wallet.

Credit card - 1,000 € -2,500 €

A credit card is a plastic card that can be used to pay at home and abroad. With her it is possible to make payments easy and uncomplicated, even if not enough cash is available. It is often not even necessary to exchange money abroad with a credit card.