The buyer has the opportunity to test the product 5 days, and the option to release the product without any obligation. The buyer also has the right to a 30-day warranty on the product. The safety of our customers is always our top priority!


Upon receipt, the buyer can check the car. Only if it is in the agreed condition and the buyer confirms, the Autobytel transfers the purchase price to the seller. As a buyer, you are on the safe side with BUYER PROTECTION. Before your payment is forwarded to the seller, you can check the item at your leisure.

The seller will therefore be particularly interested in your satisfaction in his own interest.


If the buyer decides that he does not want to buy the vehicle, he should inform us or one of our employees by e-mail or fax about his decision on the 5th day (or before). We will refund the entire amount (described in the contract, such as the purchase price) by bank transfer in less than 48 hours, to his bank account. The buyer must meet our representative and return the vehicle, keys and all documents in original. In return, we give the buyer a document from our bank, for the release of the funds. Agent of the customer will be sent back to his account.

                                                          How is the buyer protected?

The buyer is protected by our company and Klarna Sofort, together with the insurance company. The buyer has the opportunity to test the product for 5 days, and the buyer has the right to a 30-day warranty on the product. If during this period a malfunction occurs that is not caused by the purchaser, he will receive the money back within 48 hours. Payment will be made to an account opened in cooperation with our Insurance Company.



The seller brings the car to our company. Our technical department will carry out the entire vehicle inspection. If the test report is good and the vehicle is visually and mechanically in remarkable condition, the seller will sign a contract with our company.


Our company will receive all the data and our agent will contact the buyer within 24 hours to arrange and confirm all transaction details. After the confirmation the Buyer gets all necessary documents and the bank details of Klarna Sofort, where you have to deposit money as a collateral. The money remains in our partner account and is secured  until the seller has received, tested or rejected the product. We act as intermediaries of the transaction and provide both sides with support and complete security.

THE DEPOSIT IS NOT AN ADVANCE PAYMENT !Our company used to have problems with certain customers. These customers declined the vehicle without reason after it had arrived at their address. In this case, the seller loses money (transportation costs, tax payments) ,and as a result Autobytel requires the amount as security.  The deposit is a guarantee from the buyer part that the car is 100% received for the trial period and is not abused or damaged. The seller will not receive the payment until the buyer has tested and accepted the car.The buyer has at any time ,during the trial period ,the opportunity to terminate the transaction and to deduct his money.


After the deposit is paid into our Klarna Sofort partener account, our company will bring the car to the buyer. The delivery time is 2-3 days (depending on the location of the buyer). After the buyer has received the car, he can test it within the test period of 5 days. At the end of the trial period and only if the buyer accepts the car, the money will be forwarded to the seller. The buyer has 30 days to return the car in case of a technical defect at the expense of the seller, unless the buyer causes the defect himself.After the expiry of the 30-day warranty period, the buyer should register the car in his name.


If the seller rejects the agreement during or after the probationary period, the amount will be refunded to the buyer, including the expenses incurred by the buyer in connection with the transfer (payable within 24 hours from the date of refusal). After the expiry of the 30-day warranty period, the buyer should register the car in his name. Traffic tax and other fees are charged in full by the seller. Our company will also help the buyer to register the car in his name.